Jeanna and Dan

October 26, 2011


Elizabeth & Stephen

September 15, 2010

On the day of Lizzie and Steve’s wedding, I arrived at the castle a bit early and scouted out a few locations before everyone arrived. As the ladies were getting ready, the mood in the air was calm and peaceful. While Lizzie was doing her makeup, the flowers arrived. And then, the words a Bride doesn’t want to have to utter on her wedding day, “They’re wrong”, she said, “The flowers are wrong”. Now of course you want everything perfect on your day, and the last thing you expect is something you’ve been planning for so long to go wrong. But Lizzie, she looked at the flowers, looked at her mother, and went back to doing her makeup. I don’t remember her exact words but they were something to the tune of “If this is the worst that happens today, its not the end of the world.” At that moment, I smiled inside because for Lizzie and Steve, it wasn’t about the flowers matching the dresses ( which they ended up matching anyways ), but about marrying each other with their closest family and friends beside them on a beautiful day and starting their lives as husband and wife. It was about their love.

I had a hard time picking which ones to put up ( as usual ), and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I love this one of Lizzie getting ready. she did her own makeup ( extremely well may i add!) and had this air of calmness that surrounded her.

Favorite 🙂

Did I mention how much I adore lace dresses and wearing garters at the knees? Well I do.

Can fierce and super sweet be combined in one photo? I think so.

Andi and Ty met in college, Johns Hopkins to be exact, on the Taekwondo team. He a senior, she a freshman. Second semester they began dating, and three years later Ty brought Andi to lunch on his birthday to propose. Their love is storybook, and they have beautiful personalities to match each others radiance.

I had the honor to shoot their wedding in Rochester, NY a couple of weeks ago.

The night before the wedding, we were welcomed into Ty’s family home for the rehearsal dinner ( complemented by the famously amazing Dinosaur Barbeque ). We were back there again in-between the ceremony at the Nativity Church in Brockport and the reception at the Shanghai Chinese Restaurant in Rochester for some gorgeous photos with the family and bridal party. The day turned out to be sunny and warm, unlike most of the rainy summer this year, and I think everyone felt truly blessed to be in the presence of such pure love.

I’m not sure why I love the following photograph but it makes me smile 🙂

Andi’s flowers were done by Lisa Meyer who designs custom floral arrangements. They were elegant and perfect for Andi! The bear was a present from Ty 🙂

Addicted to the blackberry.. had to put this one in for Andi 🙂

Ty was a male model in another life 🙂

Andi you are just too fabulous for me 😀

Everything about the reception was individualized perfectly for Andi and Ty. The scripted name cards, the 9-course traditional Chinese buffet dinner, the karaoke brought by Starlite Productions, and of course the 3-tiered wedding cake from Gruttadauria Bakery!

Listening to Andi’s dad’s toast…

For cake cutting, the couple brought their own special sword to do the honors. It was pretty terrific 🙂

I love love love love beautiful rings and handmade figurines!

There were no formal dances after dinner, but I caught this one of the couple…

One of the things that I love most about weddings is their ability to move a person- any person, even the most cynical, to realize that there is beautiful, wonderful, over the top, i-love-you-and-want-to-scream-it-to-the-world, kind of love still living and breathing out there. When you watch two people who are truly in love, the moments that the camera can catch are simply moving. Tiny moments of a glance, a hand held, show love in its raw undulated form more than any words could explain. I second shot Amber and Rob’s wedding for Kristina at Photokisses and it was just that- elegant, simple and full of moments one will only understand in witnessing of that emotion.

Ashley and Steve’s storybook wedding couldn’t have been better if Disney himself had orchestrated it. As I assisted Kristina from Photokisses last year, we traveled to Geneva, NY to the beautiful Belhurst Castle to document their wedding. Complete with four poster beds and balconies overlooking the lake, the Castle itself and the surrounding grounds were a great place to celebrate love in all its wonder. And although the day was rainy, the newlyweds didn’t mind a bit and continued smiling throughout, just happy to be with one another. Here are some of my favorites from the day.

As seasons change, clothing, hair, music, art, and people will all change, but one thing will remain the same, and that is that people will inevitably fall in love and choose to make it official by sharing a very special day with their friends and family. As Autumn crept its way through Central New York, I began to notice first not in the changing of the leaves, but in the colors and theme of the weddings I shot. Reds, oranges, and greens seeped into the bouquets, the shoes, the sashes, and the centerpieces.

The fourth wedding I am showcasing this year as a part of my “Series on Weddings in Which I Assisted Kristina from Photokisses” is that of Kate and Greg. They were married on a beautiful day in October just before the leaves begun to turn towards their warmer palette. Of course that didn’t stop us from shooting in both a pumpkin patch and an apple orchard!- (which in my mind signify two places that embody Autumn in its very essence , may I add). The reception was held at the Ramada on the Geneva Lakefront, and if you could imagine what two peas in a pod actually looked like, it would be this couple. So easily they fit together, and anyone could plainly see that by simply looking at them as they looked at each other. Not to mention that they both were fans of brightly colored footware.

This is the second wedding I’m showcasing where I second shot for Kristina from Photokisses. Rebecca and Tony were a special couple to photograph. They were married at Steamboat Landing in Cananduagia, NY on August 15, 2008. They already had a young son and were living together so the wedding was more of a celebration of their love than the traditional purity/new life together/new beginnings kind. This of course didn’t reflect on the nature of the wedding except that it made it all the more beautiful, emotional and sweet. This couple already knew about the hardships that a relationship could throw at them, and they decided to continue conquering them together.
I have a magnet on my refrigerator here and the quote reads, “Falling in love is easy, staying in love is what is very special”. It is something I believe in wholeheartedly, and I honor and celebrate anyone who chooses to see others for their true selves, and who give their own true selves to others, for this is the only way that people continue loving each other year after year.