Jeanna and Dan

October 26, 2011


Jenny and Jack

January 14, 2009

Despite the fact that 2008 is over, I will continue to post the last couple of weddings that I am showcasing from last season in which I assisted Kristina from Photokisses. Jenny and Jack’s was one of my favorites for so many reasons that I can’t even list them all there. From their naturally warm and inviting demeanor, to their excitement about taking photos, to their oh-so-wonderfully-amazing love for one another, it didn’t surprise me that neither of them could stop smiling or looking at each other 🙂

Jenny is a dancer and Jack is in musical theatre and they were truly a beautiful couple to spend the day with because every ounce of their loved rubbed off on everyone around them, not to mention their outrageous first dance which begun slow, and turned into a full on choreographed number halfway through! That was just one of the many surprises over the course of the day 🙂 

During the best man’s speech, he said it best when he quoted Jimi Hollemans and said “[Theres a quote that says]…If you ever need anything, I will be there; but [in this case] you’ll never need anything because I’ll be there…”



































This is the third wedding I’m showcasing from part of the 2008 season that I assisted Kristina from Photokisses. On September 7, 2008 Emily and Shawn were wed at the Shadow Lake Country Club. The story of these two was as romantic as any storybook love. They’d known each other from school, and Shawn noticed Emily before anyone else knew, but in his heart, he knew she was the one. A hiking trip solidified what he had already felt, and they began dating. When Emily traveled overseas to work with disadvantaged people, Shawn made the trip to see her, and proposed.

Their wedding was as elegant and unique as they are. Their seat cards were “Love Airlines” boarding passes; adorning their tables were signs telling stories of their travels together; and instead of a DJ and dancing, Shawn performed a song he wrote for Emily, and they had an intimate time of sharing by letting loved ones come up to the floor to tell everyone their favorite story about the happy couple. The day was one of simple beauty and grace, and Emily and Shawn were perfect examples of that.