Clair and Sam

August 23, 2011

They couldn’t be cuter. Jetting over to NYC from England, these two celebrated their love with their closest family and friends on a wonderful day in June. We started at the Ladies Pavillion and made our way over to the Central Park Zoo in a horse and buggy ride. Although my tendency to tear up at weddings seems to have subsided in the past couple of events that I’ve shot, Clair and Sam’s ceremony was especially emotional as the two recited their own vows to one another, and I found myself loving them dearly. When you can see the love that couples have for one another written all over their face, it is the most beautiful and most wonderful thing that you can be privy to.


It was Rachel, Simon, Eric, and I. Three months of a full time internship had just ended for me and we went out to celebrate. It was my first time back out in the world wearing not-work clothes and actually enjoying myself after a few months of non stop work. We were sitting at dinner at the restaurant I work in, ABC Kitchen, when Ann Marie came up to our table. She told us about the few ideas that she had for all of us to start getting involved in good community causes. Food banks, urban organic community gardening, and the AIDS Walk, to name a few. We jumped on the AIDS walk idea automatically. I remember it well, Ann Marie saying “There’s so many of us, we can do so much good if we just put ourselves to use”. Over the next few weeks we signed up, created a team, campaigned for funds, even dropped flyers off with the checks at our tables just to get the word out that we were walking. On the day of, everyone was super excited, the energy was great and even through it rained, we still had 30 staffers from ABC, raised $2,000 and represented ourselves with a great cause. I wanted to document it right so I brought along my camera. Heres a few shots from the day ­čśÇ

Ann Marie

One of our star bartenders who also happens to be a cheerleader. We didn’t even know he would be there!

Rachel and I

Wilkins and Monica

February 20, 2011

Seriously, I don’t have the words. This couple really blew me away. These two ladies are from Australia, and it was their first time in New York City. They wrote me because they wanted some really great pictures to take back home to┬ácommemorate┬átheir trip, and bring home to their families and friends to showcase their love for one another. We spent two hours hanging out in the city at some very “Classic New York” spots – the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, Grand Central Station, and the Public Library. We had become Facebook friends prior to the shoot and when we met up last week, I felt like we already knew each other. They were so much fun, had tons of ideas for photos and we really had a wonderful time.

It was really tough to choose favorites.. There were so many I wanted to put up, I had to narrow it down from 50 images! Hope you enjoy ­čÖé

ummm.. gorgeous much?

its confirmed.. they’re adorable