Irene Part 2

September 6, 2011

180,000 Central Hudson customers lost power during the storm.
Shandaken Residents were being boated out of their homes, some in other areas trapped for days.
Upstate, NY experienced massive flooding and power outages. Homes uprooted 50 feet from their foundations. Roads completely washed away. I took a drive on Monday, to try and find out information about the areas affected, but only went as far as Phonecia. In Big Indian, Windham, Prattsvile, and Margritville there was so much damage that it was declared a State of Emergency and the National Guard came in. FEMA, Social Services and the Red Cross are still at Belleayre Mountain every day to this day to offer laundry services and hot showers.

Hurricane Irene
Woodstock, Mt. Tremper, and Phonecia, NY
August 29, 2011


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