Working out the Kinks

February 16, 2011

I told you I wasn’t good with commitment. I always miss blogging on the holidays, usually because im too busy to sit down and actually write anything of interest. This Valentines day, however, was missed not because I forgot, but I specifically did not blog for several reasons. First, was that I had an amazing photoshoot the day before with two very special people, and I was so excited about it that I decided to jump on editing their session as opposed to blogging. Second, to be honest, and I might be going out on a limb here, but I think Valentines day is kind of silly. I’ve both been with significant others and been single on different years and every time it comes around it just feels like this huge expectation that noone can ever really live up to. Now don’t hate me, I love couples and engagements and weddings and love, but I simply don’t think that there needs to be one particular day of the year that say’s “today must be the day you show your love”. What’s wrong with showing it once a month, or once a week, or every day? Surprising your hunny with a dozen red roses just because? I understand the need for social normalities and how it is nice to show your love, but I am a strong believer of loving every day, fully and wholly.

Its often difficult for me to blog. What to talk about, what to keep private. How much to disclose. Will anyone read/care/judge me. These are questions that still permeate much of my mind before I begin to write anything.  I am only a small fish. Ok maybe a medium sized fish. For me, it is not about the hustle. It’s not even really about what I write here. It’s about how my clients look at each other. It’s the love for each other that they choose to share with me. It’s the feeling I get when I know that they will be looking at their photos years down the line, and smiling. I may not always be the most eloquent, or the most politically correct (cough-valentinesday-cough) but I’m still working out my kinks. Still working my way, little by little, one photograph at a time.

For now, enjoy a preview of my shoot with Wilkins and Monica.. I promise their blog post will be up soon!


One Response to “Working out the Kinks”

  1. Dasha Says:

    I think we should love each other every day! But I also think a cheesy card once in a while is great (or a cheesy video of some girl in a bathtub singing L.O.V.E. ;))!

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