If you asked me, I would tell you, this is why I take photographs

October 25, 2010

I’m not sure how I knew, but I could tell if I didn’t take pictures of him at that moment, it would be the last opportunity I had.

Ok, lets backtrack. My former employers and good friends, Matt and Kim have owned three puppies for as long as i’ve known them. I call them puppies because they are about the cutest loveable darlings you can imagine that will bark and lick you and jump all over you when you come up to them, however, in age, the oldest, was nineteen this year. Kim loves these puppies like they are her children, it is fantastic how much she cares for them, and as a result, all of the people around her, end up loving them as well. Even the employees of their business know the puppies, as the youngest one, Suki, often comes along with Kim to help close up in the evenings. A few months ago, Kim had mentioned to me that Sammy, the oldest at nineteen wasn’t doing so well and she was beginning to worry. I’d heard it a couple of times from her, but still they were hoping for the best. The last time I was up to see the business and the family, Matt and Kim were away for their anniversary weekend and a close friend was housesitting so I went to visit the puppies before I made my way back home. They knew me by now and when I came in, the two younger girls were barking and licking and jumping all over, and I see Sammy trot over from the other side of the room and come in for some love and petting as well. I spent a little bit of time petting them and then I thought to myself, I better take some photos of Sammy. I don’t know what provoked it, but I just knew, if i didn’t do it then, there wouldn’t be another chance. So I got out my trusty point and shoot, snapped a few photos, said goodbye to all of them and left.

A week later, I see a post on facebook, I get a voice message, and I find out that Sammy was put to sleep. Automatically I remembered the photos I took of him and emailed them right away to Kim. Β The next time I saw her, we visited Sammy’s grave in the garden, a baby tree planted over him, and Kim looked at me and said, “I can’t even believe you took those photos, I was so blown away when I got them.” I listened to her tell me that she’d wanted some photos of him but they hadn’t gotten to do it, and how the ones I took meant so much.

When I left, all I could think of was, this is why I want to take pictures. I want to take the photos that will go into the frames, that you will put in the album, that will stay in the family and you will show your children and your children’s children. It warms me right down to my core to take photographs that mean everything, that carry weight and substance.

Kim had Sammy for seventeen of his nineteen years alive, and I’d said to her, I was sure that she had many pictures of him already, but whatever it was that provoked me, I’m glad I was able to take those last few photos and give them to her. If anything else, I was glad to give her that.


One Response to “If you asked me, I would tell you, this is why I take photographs”

  1. Sun Says:

    And you take a great picture with the angle of the camera complementing the angle of the lil puppys face!!! LOL I love it. I get the same kicks outta life when I do things and people find out that I did it just to do it, with no expectations. I love nature phtography myself. Can’t wait to get a camera.

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