Elizabeth & Stephen

September 15, 2010

On the day of Lizzie and Steve’s wedding, I arrived at the castle a bit early and scouted out a few locations before everyone arrived. As the ladies were getting ready, the mood in the air was calm and peaceful. While Lizzie was doing her makeup, the flowers arrived. And then, the words a Bride doesn’t want to have to utter on her wedding day, “They’re wrong”, she said, “The flowers are wrong”. Now of course you want everything perfect on your day, and the last thing you expect is something you’ve been planning for so long to go wrong. But Lizzie, she looked at the flowers, looked at her mother, and went back to doing her makeup. I don’t remember her exact words but they were something to the tune of “If this is the worst that happens today, its not the end of the world.” At that moment, I smiled inside because for Lizzie and Steve, it wasn’t about the flowers matching the dresses ( which they ended up matching anyways ), but about marrying each other with their closest family and friends beside them on a beautiful day and starting their lives as husband and wife. It was about their love.

I had a hard time picking which ones to put up ( as usual ), and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I love this one of Lizzie getting ready. she did her own makeup ( extremely well may i add!) and had this air of calmness that surrounded her.

Favorite πŸ™‚

Did I mention how much I adore lace dresses and wearing garters at the knees? Well I do.

Can fierce and super sweet be combined in one photo? I think so.


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