r.i.p ; wtc

September 11, 2010

When I was younger, my parents and I were walking around downtown manhattan and my dad looked at me and said “C’mon lets go to the top of the World Trade Center”, I of course, being the scaredy cat with heights & elevators that I am, said “No, i’ll go when i’m older”. We went back and forth in jest for a few minutes and the subject was eventually dropped.

Tell me something honest

This is what I remember.

I remember a day that feels like yesterday. Not any particular reason to remember what I was wearing. It was a peach floral skirt and a white t-shirt. Passing on the train underneath the world trade center station a half an hour before it happened, I smoothed out my skirt and tucked one foot under the other.

My first class was robotics. We must have been working on these keychains that we created from metal with huge machines. It was early in the semester. I don’t remember when the class ended. Our principal came on the loudspeaker. WorldTradeCenter. staticstaticstatic. Planesflowninto. staticstaticstatic. More information as we receive it. staticstatic. Classes as scheduled. My friend and I made a joke about going to war as we walked out of the class. None of us realized until 4 minutes later, after we’d gotten to our next class. Math for me.Β Until we saw the huge cloud of black parallel smoke outside the west wing of the building. Until we looked out the window, a panoramic of lower manhattan.

I was in the girls bathroom trying to use a phone with no cell service, when I watched them fall. I could feel the screaming from across the river.

We had to wait until later in the day to leave the building because no trains were running. That night I wrote because I felt I should, clicked the channels and saw it over and over. I called the only person I thought would listen. I never slept the same after that night.

That is what I remember.


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