Back on the Wagon

September 6, 2010

Hello All!  As you may or may not have noticed, I took a two month break from the world of internet, haven’t blogged since June and twitter has pretty much been inactive except for a few tweets here and there. The only social site i’ve really been updating has been my personal facebook account. I’m sorry, I don’t have an explanation for the absence and I know you’ve all missed me dearly. Honestly sometimes, you have to do what you are compelled to do, despite the expectations of anyone else. I’ve been busy shooting and working, but also taking some pictures just for the hell of it ( gaasp ) and trying to broaden my horizons in all aspects of my life. However, in efforts to hop back on the wagon here, this is a shoot from a few months ago that I did for Joonbug. It’s the infamous Empire Hotel Rooftop party, and this particular event happened right smack in the middle of Fleet Week, hence the sailors! Hope you enjoy and hope to be back in the blogging swing of things soon!

There is actually what I think is a funny story attached to the following after I took this photo, the young fellow on the right started asking me all of these questions about Joonbug- What the company does, how do I feel working for them, do I like shooting for them, etc, etc.. and I’m in a great mood and just start rattling on about how they’re great to work for and how they do parties all over the city, how I started working New Years parties for them and it progressed from there.. I’m pretty sure I talked more than I should of ( as always ), but then walked away thinking nothing of it. Later, the gentleman on the left pulls me aside and says, “Do you remember the guys you were talking to back there.. the guys I was with” and I say.. “Yes what about them ?” and he says “Well just to give you a heads up, that was Sam Levy ( the guy in the middle of the photo ) and you just passed the test with flying colors”. Turns out this young guy was one of the owners of Joonbug and they were testing me just for fun! Ha!


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