Joonbug’s Prom at Espace

May 21, 2010

Spring has definitely proven to be a busy season and this is the first time i’ve been able to post in a long time! Finally caught up on some of the work i’ve been doing. I shot Joonbug’s Prom event the other week at Espace. It was so much fun! Folks from all over town braved the nasty winds that were howling that night and had a blast dancing the night away! Some friendly faces included Callie Thorne of FX’s “Rescue Me”, Paul Iacono of MTV’s “Hard Times of RJ Burger”, Devorah Rose of the CW’s “High Society”, Rebecca Minkoff, Micah Jesse, Jared Eng, Shontelle, DJ’s Josh Madden, Claudine De Sola, Manero and Steve Powers just to name a few. Everyone looked wonderful and the event got a ton of press! I shot specifically for Joonbug and they’ve got the entirety of the event posted on their Website but these were some of my favorites that I wanted to share with you! Please excuse the low-res files.. for some reason I keep thinking its a good idea to post low-res images and continuously batch the wrong ones! In any case.. enjoy!

Rebecca Minkoff

Leo Velasquez

Micah Jesse

Devorah Rose

Alan Liao

Jared Eng

Jared Eng and Devorah Rose

Paul Iacono

Brittany Mendenhall



DJ Josh Madden and Paul Iacono


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