Guerilla Photoshoot

March 27, 2010

Sorry for the delay! I’ve been trying to put together this blog post for weeks now and every time I sat down to choose which photos were going up, I couldn’t decide on a reasonable number. No, Sam, 45 is not a reasonable number of photos to put up in one blog post! In any case, I wasΒ finally able to sit down and force myself to choose the ones that were gonna make it up.

In any case, in efforts of trying not to blab on too long, I just want to say that I think this first shootout was a long time in coming. Photographers and creatives need to ban together, help each other, support one another. All too often does our classic east coast standoffishness come across as us plain ol’ disinterest , but alas that is not the case! We just need to get the ball rolling so that in the long run, everyone can benefit. Working as a community in your field is one of the most important in keeping business alive. Although I could ramble on about this for hours, here are the photos from the first ever Guerilla Photoshoot, which I look at as something inbetween hanging out with your good friends who happen to be photographers, and a full on workshop. Its the perfect balance! We had some great models and some wonderful photographers and I hope that you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them πŸ™‚


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