C. Marchuska at the Village Green

February 28, 2010

I shot the C. Marchuska show for The Quest For It on February 17, 2010. Her show was part of the set of GreenShows that take place as part of the eco-friendly, ethically sound, fair trade fashion trend that has caught on. I think this is such a great way for designers to show their support for a cause that really affects us all. The production of the four day event during Fashion week is completely created with material that is recycled or can be recycled. The show took place downtown on the Lower East Side ( one of my favorite neighborhoods ) in an apartment building called the Village Green that is destined for occupancy soon. It is one of the new Green building efforts, being the first condos in the East Village that are LEED-Gold certified. If you’d like to read more about the efforts of the GreenShows or the Village Green building itself, visit the website and download the press release.

If you’d like to read the post Tia Walker wrote about the show, click here .

And without further ado, click the link HERE to enjoy the photos!

Heres a little teaser from interviews after the show with Christine Marchuska herself on the left. But remember to click the link above to see more!


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