Helen Yarmak Show

February 24, 2010

I knew nothing about fur. But now I know that if you want the best, you go to Helen Yarmak. Her furs are of the highest quality and character. She has showrooms all over the world, has been featured in endless publications and many Hollywood TV shows and movies specifically geared towards the best in fashion.

After the Buckler presentation I scurried across town to the 23rd floor of The Crown Building for the Helen Yarmak showing during Fashion week. My ears popping as I rode the elevator up, and waited for the show to begin. I shot on behalf of The Quest for It and if you’d like to read Tia Walker’s wonderful write up, you can find it here. Among others, I ran into Derek Warburton, Jeremy Logan-Cavendish, Cognac Wellerlane, and Patricia Ann Parenti.

I felt honored to be able to photograph such wonderful pieces of couture and prestige. I culled down as much as I possibly could but still was in need of a click-through gallery! To see all of the images I loved click HERE now!

This was the view overlooking the Plaza Hotel and Central Park from the deck adorning the showroom. It was freezing out there but breathtaking!

I also adored this photo. To me it says everything high fashion is meant to say.

Be sure to CLICK HERE->Β GALLERY <- for the rest of the photos from the show!!


One Response to “Helen Yarmak Show”

  1. sherri heitner Says:

    what great photos – even if I am your mom!!

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