Andrew Buckler Presentation

February 16, 2010

This year I did something completely new and foreign to me. I’ve shot weddings, and commercial fashion shoots, and families, and events, but New York Fashion Week was a new ballgame. The energy, the sheer maddening (in a good way!) rushes of intensity, the amazing amount of organization that goes into a single event- let me be the first to say there are too many facets even to begin to name. Not to mention being one of the few female photographers in the bullpen of photogs. I won’t write too much about the clothes because I just don’t think I can do them justice with words. Although I will say that Buckler’s presentation on February 12, 2010 was influenced by Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and for that he gets a LOT of points in my book. The combination of rugged relaxed flannel and dressed up suits is pretty much my favorite type of clothing on men. I’m no fashion writer or maven, but if I could only choose one collection to see all on men for the rest of time, it would be that one. No joke!

To add to the festivities, some friendly faces showed up including Kari and Isabella Ingvarsson ( Isabella was probably our youngest viewer that afternoon ), Jon and Tiffany Kalupa, Raiko and Mari J. Brooklyn, Matthew Anderson, and the infamous Chris Brown, just to name a few.

Here’s a sneak peek, but make sure to click through to the Gallery to see the rest of the photos! And whats that you ask? How did I get so lucky to shoot the Mens show with the beautiful male models and the perfect clothing line? Oh, I’m still counting my blessings for that ;-P

I shot the event on assignment for The Quest For It, and you can see my photos on their blog. Of course, we couldn’t post everything there and I loved so many of the other images that I decided once again that a click through gallery was in order. Remember you can access the rest of the photos from Buckler’s presentation HERE.

I promise Helen Yarmak photos coming soon so keep checking back! I also have a few artsy photos of the Capitale from Saturday night when I attended ( as a guest- gasp! )’s Fashion Week Gala with Style 360 and Elle Magazine. I only had my little point and shoot but I got some fun images anyways that I’ll post soon!


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