Last Week in January

January 31, 2010

I am not the first to come up with this.

But its simple really.

Figure out what inspires you. What you love to be around. What gives you that warm comfy feeling. Or how about that nervous butterfly feeling. Any feeling that reminds you that you’re human, pumping blue blood through your veins, that you’re more than just a cog in the proverbial machine.

It gets you excited! It provokes a reaction. It makes you feel beautiful.  It makes you stay up until wee hours of the night creating a carefully constructed array of images. Wait..err.. maybe thats just me. In any case, of course I couldn’t possibly post about everything that gets my brain ticking or my heart warmed or the whole of my self fascinated, in any particular week, but I can sure try! So these are the things that caught my attention this week. It’ll be happening here, every Saturday from now on, so keep an eye out!

1. Pike Place Roast. From Starbucks of course. I swear on this coffee. When I wake up and my hair is in five different directions and that tiny little voice is saying.. “Just ten more minutes!”, but I know I have to get out of the house and move my car or go to a job, it is the only thing that will actually motivate me from my bedroom into the kitchen. Hence, it earns number one on this week’s list.

2. Vintage Anything! I love vintage clothing. Dresses, headpieces, books, you get the idea. I found this image and just thought it a perfect blend of image and color. Plus the background looks a little like a map so I dug that also.

3. Broccoli. The green vegetable. The one that you never wanted to eat when  you were a child, well at least I didn’t. I loathed anything green or even remotely good for you and refused to eat it. Now of course I go out of my way to make absolute sure that there is broccoli in my General Tsos Tofu just because I love it so much. Not to mention its anti-cancerous properties and overall vitamin serving it provides. No need for vita-paks here! Cheers to you broccoli!

4. Twitter. Just recently, I’ve begun using twitter. I find it almost as addicting as Facebook. Its just got so much information on there! I can search through peoples tweets and find out about that 80% off sale at Barneys, where the hotspots are happening on any given night, look at my favorite photogs recent pictures or things that inspire them, or find out about the free events in NYC!

5. Paper Cranes. I probably went a little bit overboard. After I learned how to make them, within the first two days I made over 25 paper cranes that now sit atop my desk. The Japanese believe cranes to be holy creatures. They also hold to the myth that anyone who folds one-thousand paper cranes will have a wish of theirs come true. I’m not sure what about them is calming, but they are almost like plants, bringing a sort of meditative atmosphere into any room they are placed. And maybe this makes me superstitious but I think they’re good luck, even if I don’t have 1,000!

6. The Rest of Love, by Carl Phillips. This book of poems is one of the most beautiful and intimate collections i’ve ever read. I carried it around with me for 7 months last year and read the poems over and over. I have three of Phillips’ books and I think him to be an amazing poet and explorer of the mind and heart. I strongly suggest to those of you who are searching, who are questioning to pick this book up and let it seep into you slowly.

7. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. Need I say more?

8. Serge Gainsbourg. I was emailed a song of his by my good friend and automatically hooked. There aren’t even words to describe his music. It is the perfect vibration of what the past could sound like if it had a sound.

9. Madeleine Peyroux. Discovered her a little while back. Beautiful female vocals, perfect late night sound to relax to. Makes me want to live in the 1920s in Paris and drink lots of coffee in cafes. Yes I am aware that I am a cheese-ball 🙂

10. Ava Gardner. She is just everything that a film actress could strive to be. She’s got that special something, that je ne sais quoi.

11. Palmercash. A site relayed to me from a good friend. I love it because you can find things you’ll never ever need in your life. Like that dancing hula girl that sits on your car dashboard. A-mazing.

12. Wornfree. A another wonderful site recommended to me by a good friend of mine. They reproduce old shirts that rock and roll stars have worn. I particularly like the Debbie Harry edition of “No Pictures”.

13. Swingers. This movie just embodies everything good about film in the 90’s.

14. Nutella. Finally, number 14, gotta love that chocolaty hazel-nutty goodness!


2 Responses to “Last Week in January”

  1. I have seen some crappy posts but this one really impresses me. Good work!

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