Chong : Shannon Fluet Designs

July 12, 2009

Recently, I began to work for Shannon Fluet Designs which was started by Shannon Fluet and her husband Justin Lazard. The couple moved to Woodstock from the city and opened a clothing design shop here in town. When we begun to talk about the shop, Shannon mentioned to me that they were interested in doing a shoot for the clothing around the area and boy was I excited! As we worked together, I found out that they have a four month old baby girl who’s already had heart surgery for her heart condition. Four months old ! How brave are they ! Not only is this family amazing, but they are just bursting with all the love that the world has to offer.

Shannon and her team make all of the clothes by hand in their two level store. The first level houses the walk-in store, and the second level acts as their workspace. They are a powerhouse set of people whose clothing really contribute to the energy and vibe of the Hippy-esque town. The next few blog posts of mine will be featuring individually the first set of models that I photographed for S.F. Designs.

Here, without further ado is Chong , a Fashion Designer at Rampage. She modeled four different outfits and being in the business, she already knew how to work the camera and I really had a fantastic time photographing her!

Of course you need to do a little twirling!


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