I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars not how to dance

December 25, 2008

Each year, around the holidays we give thanks for everything we have- our friends, family, health, and anything else that is appreciated. This year, I am experiencing a wave of nostalgia. Perhaps it is because I am 6 hours away from my family and all of my old friends, perhaps it is because I am getting older and with each year I realize more and more how important a full life is, or perhaps it is simply my way of telling all the people that I love, that I, in fact, do love them very much and think of them often.

This year will be my very first full-time Rochester Holiday Season/Chanukah/Christmas and in honor of that, I did two mini projects that were attempts to acquaint me with Rochester itself as well as hone in certain photographic skills. The first is a series on Pittsford, which I absolutely adore as a small town.

The second series was taken during the recent snowstorm that hit, I took out my camera phone and begun to snap away! As my roots in photography reach back into film and alternative processing, I occasionally enjoy using a lower quality camera , just to see how I can manipulate the images.

My Car… covered in snow 🙂

Some houses on my street with holiday decorations and snow

And lastly, two amazing stopsigns


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