My Old Kentucky Home

November 21, 2008

This year, as many of you know, I begun to work for Photokisses, run by Kristina Juodyte and based out of Rochester, NY. I shot about twenty weddings with her this season and it was a wonderful and enlightening experience. I learned a lot about photography and more than I could ever hope to learn about Weddings and the labor of love it entails to put an event such as that together. It was an honor and a privilege to be able to share in the happiness of so many couples, and in the next few posts I will be showcasing some of the most memorable to me.

First up is Cara and Nate, who married each other on August 2, 2008 in what I believe was Martin, Kentucky. Kristina and I drove in shifts for a total of ten hours (one way) down to stay the weekend and photograph the Wedding as well as a Day After Trash the Dress Session. I loved everything about Kentucky- the music, the culture, the people, but most of all, the beauty in nature and wonder of the unseen. As we drove around, there were too many places to count that I would love to have photographed had there been more time- abandoned flea markets and hotels; small towns; beautiful bridges and lakes. In any case, the Wedding was nothing short of spectacular and we had a blast shooting and celebrating with everyone there! 












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